LL.B. First Semester

  • LL. B. First Semester
  • Paper-I: Constitutional Law-I
  • Paper-II: Law of Contract-I
  • Paper-IV: Family Law-I
  • Paper-V: Public International Law
  • Paper-III: Law of Tort including MV Accident and consumer protection Laws

LL. B. Fourth Semester

  • Paper-I: Labour Law-II
  • Paper-II: Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act.
  • Paper-III: Law of Evidence
  • Paper-IV: Law of Crime –II (Criminal Procedure code)
  • Paper-V: Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System (Clinical)

LL. B. Second Semester

  • Paper-I: Constitutional Law-II
  • Paper-II: Law of Contract-II
  • Paper-III: Family Law -II
  • Paper-IV: Law of Crime-I (Indian Penal Code)
  • Paper-V: Administrative Law

LL. B. Fifth Semester

  • Paper-I: Human Rights Law and Practice
  • Paper-II: Environmental Law
  • Paper-III: Land Law including Tenure & Tenancy System
  • Paper-IV: Banking Law
  • Paper-V: Pleading Drafting and Convincing (Clinical)

LL. B. Third Semester

  • Paper-I: Jurisprudence
  • Paper-II: Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
  • Paper-III: Company Law
  • Paper-IV: Labour Law-I
  • Paper-V: Property Law
  • Paper-VI: General English and legal Language

LL. B. Sixth Semester

  • Paper-I: Principles of Taxation Law
  • Paper-II: Penology & Victimology
  • Paper-III: Copy Right
  • Paper-IV: Alternative Dispute Resolution (Clinical)
  • Paper-V: Moot court Exercise and Internship (Clinical)

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