Welcome To R.S. Banaras Law College

R.S. Banaras Law College has been established in the oldest city of the world 'KASHI'

which is known for its cultural and educational heritage throughout the world. The college is dedicated to the memory of the well-known social worker and industrialist Late Shri Rama Shankar Jaiswal. Today globalization has redefined the role of law graduates; they are expected to perform important role in the present complex and globalised economy and commercial activities. Now –a – day a law graduate is being treated with more regard vis-à-vis management, engineering and other graduates or post graduates in the administration, judiciary and corporate world. However, it is unfortunate, but true, that there is no seriousness about law education either in the students, colleges or teachers, consequently there is a big gap between the demand and supply of qualified and serious law graduates. In this present scenario the R.S. Banaras Law college has been established with the aim to produce such qualified law graduate who can achieve the highest level of success in the legal profession. The College aims to fulfill the gap between the demand and supply of competent law graduates. an attempt has been made in this institution to arrange for the necessary infrastructure for law education. the college is affiliated to M.G.Kashi Vidyapeeth and recognized by the Bar Council Of India.

Our Mission

To impart quality education in law that meets the needs of those aspiring to be lawyers. To strive for student progress, preparing them to be leaders in their profession and to think globally but act locally. To add skills which differentiate their personality from others.

Our Vision

To be the India’s best law college by achieving a high order of excellence in law teaching and training. To be the first choice of student seeking education in law. To provide the student with adequate knowledge and experience of the country's legal system.


  • To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment that enables staff & students to achieve personal & professional growth.
  • To point the right path for future development.
  • To inculcate in the students the ethical values in life so as to cater to their spiritual development.
  • In view of present globalization to familiarize the students with the goals and objectives of international law and also its applicability in day to day transaction, so that the student is able to practice the profession at the global level.
  • Strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that we rise to a higher levels of endeavour and achievement.
  • Bring an awareness among the students of their obligation towards the earth and environment as part of their training in environmental law.
  • To give such education and training to learners that caters to the needs of various employment opportunities to which the learners can have early access with equal opportunity.
  • To facilitate the promotion of research culture among faculty and students to kindle the sprit of inquisitiveness and the sense of reasoning; to inform them the norms and rational for the deducing of valid judgments.

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