A merit list of top 10 students is declared by the college on the basis of the University exams, unit tests and assignment and these students are encouraged by an award of cash scholarship, books and other prizes.


Students are assisted to get scholarship from social welfare department for which a special counter is provided in the campus. All the students studying are helped in best possible ways to receive the scholarship.

Scholarship by the management committee

For studious and economically weak students scholarship of Rs. 500 to 1000 is provided by the management committee.

Fees Refund
  • Fees of students under S.C, S.T. and O.B.C, categories is returned after the college receives the same from the Govt.
  • Any Brilliant student if found as orphaned or economically weak, upon being satisfied the founder committee may help the students with books, uniform and other study Material and may provide monetary help to meet requirements for the study.
  • Every year as per the assessment the college adopts one student who is poor or orphaned and studious and his care is taken, by the college.

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